About Us

I Love FX Makeup was founded in 2015 while discussing the current SFX Makeup industry at West Coast Haunter's Convention in Portland, OR. Afer that discussion the main question that kept resurfacing was "Why Is Makeup Getting More Expensive Each Year?". No one had an answer to the question so I Love FX Makeup was founded to answer that question.

In May 2016 I Love FX Makeup launched it's first product, the Alcohol Activated Undead Palette. The palette was a hit! Throughout 2016 we expanded our lineup and offered 6 - 6 color palettes and 2 - 12 color palettes. In August 2016 we launched our original water activated makeup line called BaseWorkX. 

BaseWorkX expanded to over 50 colors with 4 palettes. In early 2017, after 7 revisions, BaseWorkX was discontinued and a new, far superior product, LineWorkX, was launched. Since the launch we have expanded LineWorkX into over 50 colors. We Also launched our hybrid alcohol airbrush line ("HollywoodFX") in April 2017, we currently offer over 40 colors to provide you a waterproof and smudgeproof experience.

In January 2018 we launched our PowderX line which provides a loose powder that can be used as eye shadows, pigments, etc as well as when mixed with our product FinalX provides a waterproof experience.

I Love FX Makeup is proud to make everyone an FX-Pert at affordable prices.