Splatter Airbrush Tips - The original design by Lars Carlsson of Makeup-FX.com

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I Love FX Makeup has received permission from Lars Carlsson of Makeup-FX.com to sell his original design of splatter airbrush tips. Staying true to Lars' original mission in making these we are providing the links to 3D print them yourselves as well as offering to have them 3D printed for you for a price barely above costs. Lars originally released these to help others achieve this amazing effect for minimal cost. 

If you choose the digital download the original files for the 3D printing will download. You can bring these to any 3D printer in order to get them made. 

If you choose to purchase the already made product from our site, finished products will ship directly to you. That being said, we do not manufacture these. We take no credit in these and have done no modifications to these. These are the original files produced by Lars and all credit, copyrights, etc belong to him solely. We are just providing a way to obtain them in the USA without having to pay international shipping.